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profesor doktor

prof. Aleksander B. Skotnicki PhD MD

”A thymus is like the sun which gives us energy protecting our body against viruses, fungi, parasites and autoimmune diseases. When a thymus is weakened by stress, age, overtiredness, the body becomes defenceless and exposed to numerous disease dangers.”

doktor lekarz

prof. Roman Nowicki PhD MD

”Ectoine has protective and cell regenerating qualities. It is high clinical effectiveness has been proven in dermatology, allergology, dry eye syndrome as well as skin and mucous membrane moisturizing. Ectoine has also got a perfect safety and tolerance profile and does not cause undesirable effects.”

doktor Gerhard

dr Gerhard Mikolaiczik

International Society of Preventive Medicine from Vienna. ”Stress, life pace, highly processed and high-calorie food with little nutritional values do not contribute to optimal pH value in intestines and blood. Nutritional mistakes and modern lifestyle disturb our acid-base balance.”


EctoAlerg and EctoSkin are the first preparations available on the Polish market which contain ectoine. They relieve the symptoms of allergy rhinitis, conjunctivitis and atopic dermatitis. They do not contain preservatives.

apteka klasztorna

Monastery pharmacy consist solely of herbal preparations. Pure, strong extracts or their unique mixtures combine tradition with knowledge of herbal preparation usage in health protection and supporting many body functions.

klinika zdtowia i urody

The clinic of health and beauty in Cracow has been based on a holistic approach to health and beauty. To enable the patients to contact with top specialists of traditional medicine, aesthetic medicine and cosmetology are in one place.

dla kobiet

Each woman’s care about health and beauty should go hand in hand. A healthy body looks more beautiful and ages more slowly. A healthy lifestyle, nutrition and providing appropriate dietary supplements help us feel more feminine and enjoy life.

dla dzieci

The nature has created many substances which gently and leniently help kids to fight against vitamin deficiencies and repetitive infections or allergies. We are preparing medical products based on natural ingredients created with children in mind.

catering dietetyczny

For the last 17 years on the map of traditional Cracow we have established another tradition: a tradition of perfect catering service. It results from cooking passion, knowledge of a healthy nutrition and care of quality and form of dishes served.

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