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Dietetic catering

For the last 17 years on the map of traditional Cracow we have established another tradition: a tradition of perfect catering service. It results from cooking passion, knowledge of a healthy nutrition and care of quality and form of dishes served.


We cook – you lose weight!

Dietetic catering is ready-made, healthy and nutritious, balanced meal sets delivered home or to the office. Thanks to them you can easily and pleasurably take care of healthy eating, lose weight, improve your appearance and mood. We offer our clients 1000-, 1300- , 1700- and 2000-calorie-a-day diets. The offer is dedicated not only to people who want to lead a healthy life and lose weight for good, but also to those who do not have to slim down, but want to eat healthily.

The menu offered by the Langsteiner Company is based on the healthy and adequate nutrition principles. Each diet is properly balances in respect of nutrients as well as minerals and vitamins, which positively influences not only correct body functioning, but also contributes to good mental and physical state and vitality. In short – health!

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