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“Don’t be passive, don’t count that a doctor will cure you with medicaments without your participation. Your engagement, faith in recovery “does wonders”, it helps your bodily forces fight against the disease.”

“Increased susceptibility to various infections is a syndrome of the malfunctioning immune system, whose task is to recognize and fight against a danger of infection.

Such conditions make, for example, children at the school age “get from one infection to another”. And adults become susceptible to seasonal infections, depending on their immunity.

To reduce frequency of infections and resulting viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic complications, we should increase the correctness of immunity system functioning. In order to do it, we should use preparations or factors which restore or mobilise the cells of this system. These are thymus-derived white cells (T lymphocytes), which protect us against infections and various cancers.

A fairy tale about a brave thymus and knights of our immunity 🙂

A thymus can be compared to a general who stands in front of the army which protects the borders of our body and does not let enemies inside. Weakening of this defensive army makes a border permeable and can lead to weakening or even collapse of the country.

So we should strengthen borders and their tightness to prevent dangers which become greater when we get weaker, older, overworked and stressed.

Effectiveness of border guards depends on ammunition which is provided to them, namely thymus-derived hormones produced by a thymus which is the leader of defence.”

Prof. Aleksander B. Skotnicki PhD MD

“It is enough to recall names of Nobel prize laureates of the recent thirty years to realise, without any doubt, that there is no modern medicine without modern immunology, that is science about our body’s immunity. Immunity deficiency is not only susceptibility deficiency, but also a risk of various kinds of auto-aggressive and allergic diseases. Thus, immunity deficiency is a basis of different pathological phenomena (…) in our different organs and systems. But it is not all: decreased immunity means the lack of one more function of the system, namely all the functions which aid the processes of tissue reparation and regeneration. And which tissues require such processes? All of them, especially those which work very quickly, e.g. vascular endothelium, epithelium of the respiratory tract, digestive system and haemopoietic system. Then we can mention organs functioning actively, such as a liver, kidneys and the cardiovascular system as well as the nervous system, whose regeneration processes greatly depend on immune system functioning (…)”

Prof. Marek P. Dąbrowski


Losing weight:

“Stevia is much sweeter than sugar, but it is not a source of calories. Steviol glycosides practically do not provide energy, since they are hardly absorbed in human digestive system.”

Hanna Mojska PhD Pharm
The Head of the Laboratory of Chemical Safety of Food of the National Food and Nutrition Institute

“Stevia or, more precisely its extract, is used for manufacturing sweeteners. The most important feature of sweeteners is the fact that they are natural plant products which may be safely used in a slimming diet and in everyday nutrition. Results of the research carried out all around the world prove that stevia has a wide range of healthful qualities. No harmful effect on a human body have been noticed. More importantly, stevia can be consumed by people suffering from diabetes or phenylketonuria. Stevia, as a low-calorie sugar substitute, can be used by people who want to get rid of excess kilograms, but cannot do without sweets. Most importantly, extracts of stevia do not increase a glycaemic index, thus sweeteners obtained from it can be “solace of life” for diabetics. Only in case of hypoglycemia, stevia cannot replace sugar.”

Beata Widlińska MSc Eng. – dietician



“Stress, pace of life, highly processed, high-calorie food which contains few nutrients do not contribute to optimal pH value in the intestine and blood. Health is like dancing – everything is a question of balance. Nutritional mistakes and modern lifestyle disturb our body balance, which results in too acidic blood and too alkaline environment of the intestine.”

Gerhard Mikolaiczik PhD
International Society of Preventive Medicine from Vienna

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