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prof. dr hab. Roman Nowicki

“Ectoine has protective and cell regenerating qualities. It is high clinical effectiveness has been proven in dermatology, allergology, dry eye syndrome as well as skin and mucous membrane moisturizing. Ectoine is a natural amino acid, it protects against cellular stress, protects and regenerates; it can be given to children and adults since it has got a perfect safety and tolerance profile and does not cause undesirable effects. How does ectoine work? It protects cells against dehydration keeping water inside cells (…) it also protects against destructive influence of UV radiation.”

EctoAlerg and EctoSkin are the first preparations available on the Polish market which contain ectoine. They relieve the symptoms of allergy rhinitis, conjunctivitis and atopic dermatitis. They do not contain preservatives.

Ektoine is obtained from microorganisms adapted to life in extremal conditions: extremophiles can withstand extremal temperatures (up to 60ºC), they can also survive in highly salinated environment and are resistant to UV radiation.

In vitro and in vivo research has proved that ectoine shows anti-inflammatory effect. This substance soothes and at the same time protect against dehydration. Due to the natural source of the main ingredient as well as the lack of preservatives, ectoine-based products can be safely used for a longer time also by the youngest kids.



EctoAlerg eye drops drops.
A medical product for treatment and prevention of the symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis. Appropriate for sensitive eyes.

20 ml bottle






EctoAlerg nasal spray.
A medical product for treatment and prevention of the symptoms of allergic rhinitis and for soothing and prevention of irritations and inflammations of nasal mucous membrane. It does not contain preservatives and a special system of application protects against possible bacterial entry.

10 ml dispenser




ectoSkin P7 cream with ectoine.
A medical product used in inflammatory dermatoses, e.g. atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis or radiation dermatitis. It reduces erythema, soothes itching, aids regeneration of damaged skin and prevents from new damages. A cream with ectoine with a moisturizing and protective effect.

30 ml. dispenser

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