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Awards, medals, distinctions:

  1. A Silver Medal in the “Lodołamacze” Contest 2011 for the Socially Sensitive Employees.
  2. The European Medal 2002 for the liquid sweetener “Magda”.
  3. The European Medal 2006 for “Zuccero Gold’.
  4. The European Medal 2012 for “ectoAlerg”.
  5. Diabetica Expo 2009: the first place in the Popularity Contest for the best product against obesity ”Zuccero Gold”.
  6. Diabetica Expo 2010: 1st place for the Best Product against Obesity.
  7. The winner of the Contest “Firma Bez Barier” POPON EFS PFRON.
  8. Distinction 2009 from the National Labour Inspectorate 2009 in the category of plants employing up to 50 employees “Pracodawca-Organizator Pracy Bezpiecznej”.
  9. A diploma from the National Labour Inspectorate 2009 for the 1st place at the Małopolska Level of “Pracodawca-Organizator Pracy Bezpiecznej”.
  10. Super product 2013. An award in the category: BEZ RECEPTY [Eng. OTC] for capsules with green coffee extract “Slimina Green Coffe”.
  11. ectoSkin P7 cream received Super product 2013 “Mam dziecko”.
  12. Diabetica Expo 2011 2nd place for Magic Kaps in the category of dietary supplement.
  13. Gazele Biznesu 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2012.
  14. A certificate of Corporate Responsibility for FA.Langsteiner “Firma Bez Barier”.

Charitable activity:

  1. Credits from clerical students for the support during organization of the festivities on Children’s Day.
  2. Credits for the support from the “Za szybą” foundation (2011).
  3. Credits from Malopolska School Charity Association for financial and material support during organization of “Pożegnanie lata” festivities.
  4. Credits from the board of the foundation for the Disabled “Bona Fide” for kindness and material support.
  5. Credits from the Father Pio Hospice and Residential Medical Care Facility for Children to the Chairwoman, Alicja Langsteiner, for participation in helping incurably ill children (2007).
  6. Credits from Anna Dymna’s “Mimo wszystko” foundation for unconditioned help and open heart while organizing a Valentine-day charitable concert and an auction.
  7. Credits from Anna Dymna’s “Mimo wszystko” foundation for funding meals for finalists of the sixth Theatre and Music Artistic Festival of the Intellectually Disabled “Albertiana 2006”.
  8. Credits from the community of “Dom Monaru” for passing free goods to the centre (2006).
  9. Credits from Children, Parents, Employees of the Impression and Artistic Agency Klaps-art for the support offered during organization of theatre performance (2002).
  10. Credits for frequent material help provided to “Alf-Club” run by Children’s Friends’ Society.
  11. Credits for providing constant help to “Alf-Club” run by Children’s Friends’ Society.
  12. Credits from “Zdążyć z pomocą” foundation for help in saving health and life of children covered by the “Zdążyć z pomocą” program.
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