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Today we are the same company as yesterday, but a step forward…

Since its establishment, the Langsteiner Company has changed a lot: we have become a larger enterprise; we have complemented our product offer and broadened the scope of our activity. Yet, the core of our business has remained unchanged: the concept which led to establishment of the company and its development.


It all originated from the idea…
langsteiner68The nature is the source of various ingredients which can effectively strengthen our health if they are appropriately used in everyday diet. This concept led to establishment of the company which would focus on composing, manufacturing and distributing preparations which would strengthen the body in a natural way. This is the profile of the Langsteiner Company which originated in 1996.


The idea drives development
A couple of people focused on striving after set goals, an episode of residing in Ciężkowice and then in Cracow in ul. Nadwiślańska. These were our beginnings. Today the Langsteiner Company with the office in ul. Białoprądnicka in Cracow employs ca. 50 people. It also has its manufacturing lines of loose and liquid products as well as capsules. Moreover, we have an independent laboratory at our disposal. It works for our research and scientific department. Besides, we carry out scientific cooperation with the laboratories of leading Cracow universities. We also cooperate with top Austrian, British and German research companies and institutions. Since 2012, we have been a member of the exclusive Business Centre Club.


The sweet taste of success
langsteiner61Sweeteners are an important part of the history of creating rich assortment of Langsteiner’s products. Today we gladly recall 2001, when we launched production of the first liquid sweetener for baking and cooking. A product called “MAGDA” was enthusiastically accepted by customers, which was appreciated by the jury which awarded it with the “European Medal” a year after a market debut. In 2003, the production of a powdery sweetener “SUISSINA GOLD” was launched. Currently we are a leading distributor of this type of dietary products in Poland.


Great achievements
After sweeteners, other trade successes, such as green coffee-based dietary supplements, came. “SLIMINA GREEN COFFEE” was acknowledged as “The product of 2013”. Landsteiner’s leading products include also cabbage soup in capsules “Magic Caps”, “Alkaline powder” and “Swedish herbs”. We have also become pioneers introducing chelates and ectoine-based medical products into the market. All these products proved to be market bestsellers and are still appreciated by customers. It undoubtedly results from their quality, since they are developed and manufactured according to high European standards, namely ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 .


Macro-scale distribution
langsteiner magazyn1aOur experience has taught us that a customer not only expects a high-quality product, but also counts on its availability. Therefore, apart from manufacturing, we are involved in intensive distribution activity. It has taken us over a decade to start cooperation with all Polish wholesale companies and leading trade chains, such as Alma or Rossmann. Consequently, our brand products can be found in each pharmacy and some shops (in herbalist’s shops, supermarkets and beauty supply stores). What is more, in 2007 we acquired the status of the Pharmaceutical Wholesale Company. We participate in this additional type of activity in the new distribution centre in Miników.
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