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Especially for women

Each woman’s care about health and beauty should go hand in hand. A healthy body looks more beautiful and ages more slowly. A healthy lifestyle, nutrition and providing appropriate dietary supplements help us feel more feminine and enjoy life.

The basis of good mood is deacidification of the body, cleansing it of toxins. A purged body burns out excessive fatty tissue, gets rid of extcess water more easily and, most of all, improves physical and mental state and vitality. Each woman tries to take care of beautiful, young skin, hair and nails, especially using external preparations. Yet, we very often forget that although human soul is a value, beauty also mainly originates from healthy, balanced body.
We recommend women a lot of products to use which, if used at the same time or one after another, may help restore and reinforce natural beauty which originates in our body.


Thymus extract, above all, stimulates immune system, but it is a thymus that stimulates our body cell, also skin, restoration Pepthym X Thymus includes vitamin C and thymus extract.




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