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17 June 2015

Heart Failure Awareness Day

How to take care of your heart? How to protect it and support it? How to live to make your heart work better? These are some main topics of the Heart Failure Awareness Day, which was held in Cracow at the Wawel Castle. MD specialists’ advice, lectures on various aspects of taking care of our circulation system, possibilities of conducting many specialist tests, artistic performance […]

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16 June 2015

Langsteiner at the Conference of Heart Failure Section

That is what our stand looked like at the Meeting of the Heart Failure Section. Prof. Jadwiga Nessler PhD, the head of the Heart Failure Section (Polish Cardiology Society), the Head of Clinic of Coronary Thrombosis and Heart Failure drew 4 lucky conference participants. The main prize was a package of rejuvenating treatment sessions in the Cracow Art. Clinique. Bags filled with Langsteiner’s products were handed over by doctors, who got three next […]

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8 June 2015

You are invited to the National Conference of the Heart Failure Section.

Heart failure is becoming one of the greatest problems of modern cardiology. According to predictions, the number of patients with this diagnose will systematically grow. At the same time, our knowledge of this complex disease is broadening, while its diagnostics and treatment is developing. The Conference of the Heart Failure Section, during which we are going to present our products, such as Krill Omega and […]

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15 May 2015

15th Congress of Family Medicine

This-year congress in organized in the name of “together for health”, which perfectly matches the strategy which we have been following for years, searching partners, authorities, knowledge and experience, to support mainly widely-understood health prevention. That’s why we cannot miss the jubilee 15th congress: you are invited to our stand in Karpacz on 28-31 May.

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2 April 2015

Acidobalance has been introduced into the market

Acidobalance, a dietary supplement for active, fit people who want to get rid of extra kilograms and excessive water from their bodies, will soon be available in the pharmacies in the whole country

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22 March 2015

Top Medical Trends Conference in Poznań

The Langsteiner company at the Top Medical Trends conference in Poznań. This year the biggest conference of medical industry was organized for the ninth time. It was attended by 3.5 thousand doctors, 15 national consultants, and 25 chairpersons of scientific medical societies. The Congress consisted of 34 scientific sessions and 96 lectures.

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