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sdsddsmIn each body, various reactions occur at the cell level, and their correct course is influenced by appropriate factors, including correct pH. Natural blood pH is 7.35-7.45, so it is slightly alkaline. Bodily reactions result in creation of products which either acidify or alkalize the body. If the former predominate and the body is not able to neutralize and expel them. The body becomes acidified. It distorts metabolic processes and at the same time opens the gate to bacteria, viruses and germs. It also boosts food fermentation, fungi, mould and candida multiplication leading to various diseases.

Who has such a problem?

It is assessed that as much as 80% Europeans face the problem of acidification. Although it is so common, acidification is often mistaken for overtiredness, since in both cases the symptoms include: weakness, rings around eyes, susceptibility to infections, sleepiness, bad condition of skin and hair, headaches, migraines, sinus problems, sleep disorders, allergies, rashes and rheumatic pains. Such symptoms cannot be ignored, since progressing acidification can lead to impairment of pancreas, liver and cortex glands’ functions. So how to recognize this disease? Preferably based on urine test and assessment of connective tissue, state of skin and tongue’s colour.

What do we do wrong?

Unfortunately, the reasons for our acidification are often hidden in our everyday diet. If it mainly contains meat, pasteurized milk products, white sugar, products made of purged wheat, fizzy drinks, highly processed products, alcohol, coffee, tea and sweets, the risk of acidification grows. Similarly, influence of smoke, drugs and flavour additives as well as preservatives may result in its development. However, the menu is not all. Acidification may well result from stressful and high-pace lifestyle. And few people are aware that that an acidified body is an open invitation to cancerous diseases which have perfect conditions for development.

How to prevent acidification?

Change of dietary habits, cutting down on animal proteins and sugars, highly processed products, salt, coffee and tea are basic steps which help prevent acidification. Instead of these products one should consume vegetables and fruit (they have alkalizing effect) and water (which cleans the body). Another ally in keeping a proper pH level is physical activity, which helps to release stress. Taking alkaline powder having alkalizing effect may also help. Minerals contained in it help remove excess acid and keep metabolic processes at the correct level.

Alkaline powder in a rich source of magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, copper, selenium and molybdenum. They neutralize excess acids but also boost digestion, remove heartburn, increase vital force, boost body detox and nervous system functioning. It also contains oligofructose, which stimulates development of correct bacterial flora of the digestive system. It contributes to elimination of decomposition processes, boosts body detox and improves skin condition. What is more, it does not contain lactose and the content of sodium is also limited, thanks to which it can be used by elderly people and those suffering from kidney diseases. It is also safe for pregnant women. While the form of powder makes it easier to absorb the preparation.

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