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Slimming down


When we weigh too much and clothes become too tight, we often attempt restrictive diets, hoping that within 2-3 weeks we will change beyond recognition. In the meantime loosing kilograms should be accompanied by common sense – it lets us avoid draining our body and yo-yo effect. On the other hand, losing weight does not require draconian sacrifice and giving up pleasures. It is enough to hold on to a few rules, change eating habits and eat rationally.

Restrictive slimming down = mistake

Today I am starting to lose weight! I am actually not eating almost anything, I am drinking only water, and two modest meals a day should be enough. Such a thinking pattern may bring a painful effect. Why? When we stop a diet and come back to a previous lifestyle, a body will immediately regain lost kilograms, slow down metabolism and fat tissue will store even higher amounts of energy. Moreover, a body will become drained and weakened nails, falling out and brittle hair, dizziness or anaemia will be a visible sign of nutritional deficiencies. Eventually, as a result of low-calorie diet, we will lack normal stamina. Constantly tired, we will not feel like doing any physical activity, which is after all a guarantor of health. To avoid it, we should use the help of a dietician, who will help us select a proper kind of a diet.

Losing weight + common sense
  1. To make the diet effects permanent, we should lose weight wisely, so according to a few rules guaranteeing effectiveness of resolutions, which have been taken.
  2. Regular meals, every 3-4 hours at regular time intervals (4-5 meals a day) and small portions in order not to feel hungry.
  3. Eating in peace, with no hurry, in order to digest well, and eating slowly, experience satiety quicker.
  4. Healthy and unprocessed food: steamed or grilled; and if it is fried or roasted, it should be made with no grease.
  5. Eating with no sneaking or possibly vegetables or water between meals.
  6. Good quality drinks, perfectly water in the amount of 1.5-2 litres a day, possible milk and green tea, but without sweet drinks.
  7. Product selection: choosing with valuable omega-3 acids, giving up fattening flour products and eating green vegetables.
  8. Relying on breakfast, which gives energy for the whole day.
  9. Taking care of physical activeness, which is a driving force of a slimming process.
100% success = diet + supplements

Losing weight without supplements is possible, but with them it can be even more effective, since supplements are a valuable addition to the everyday diet. There are plenty of them on the market, thus we should know which are a wise choice. Preparations with cider vinegar (e.g. Apple Gold) will definitely work perfectly, since wine vinegar contains a lot of minerals, vitamins and microelements, which stimulate metabolism processes.

Probably few people know that vegetable concentrates from white cabbage, onion, celery leaves, parsley or pepper are also our slimming allies. Available mainly in the form of pills (e.g. Magic Kaps), they are a source of nutritional ingredients (a vitamin B, panthotenic acid, niacin) and protect the digestive system, stimulate the immune system and, most importantly, give a feeling of satiety and detoxicate the body.

A slimming process is also supported by such preparations containing green coffee extract (e.g. Slimina), rich in antioxidants, such as chlorogenic acid. It blocks absorption of a part of consumed carbohydrates, and, consequently, limits the amount of consumed calories.

On the other hand, supplements based on white mullberry (e.g. Zuccero) regulate sugars absorption. It is all due to active substances contained in them, which hamper enzymes decomposing compound sugars to simple ones, thanks to which a part of them is not absorbed in the digestive system. Sweeteners also help to reduce the amount of sugar in a diet. Nowadays, those specially recommended are based on stevia, a plant which is ca. 300% sweeter than sucrose and, additionally, with low calorie content.

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