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For a few days the news flows that Agnes has a running nose.
Tears from eyes, poor immune and a nose swollen like a balloon.
Everyone is upset: husband, aunt and even a cat.
Everyone is annoyed: how can illness be destroyed?
Loads of drugs have been bought, but they haven’t helped a lot.
She took everything she had, but still needs to stay in bed.
Then a doctor did arrive and it was a cousin’s wife.
Let her tell us what is wrong and why it lasts for so long.
The old doctor came and said that the problem was too bad.
“if you want to leave a bed, take ectoine” what she said.
“It will give you some energy, ’cause the reason is allergy.”
It is one of the foundation of ectoAlerg preparation.
So the husband quickly went and in drugstore money spent
eye drop and nose spray will make Agnes fine within a day.
Diagnose was really good, Agnes is in better mood.
There should be no more quest:
EctoAlerg is the best.

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