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Krill and a whale


At the bottom of the ocean
a whale great lifestyle led
it was strong and fit and pretty
from the tail up to the head.
How he did it? Well, just ask
Did it have a magic stick?
Maybe he had some good genes?
Or some treatment which worked quick?
Well, oh maybe? – but indeed
it was fit and huge like hill
‘Cause when he could only do it
it ate really tones of Krill.
These are really tiny creatures,
and we know it for quite long
gives power, immunity
and the brain gets very strong.
Well, but as it sometimes happens,
in the ocean very deep
krill suddenly got ran out
so the boy got thin and weak.
At last it was so despaired
and decided that no matter
it had to set off and search
something to eat-to get fatter.
When it swam, it heard a voice
its surprise was hard to hide
‘Cause it saw a fishing boat
sailing not so far beside.
When it came really close
the fisherman called to it
why are you so thin, buddy?
and so pale? And so weak?
I will give you simple tip,
which will bring hope to your head
eat KRILLomega in capsules,
if empty is a seabed.
Our whale was not so stupid
and took this clever advice
it bought some KRILLomega,
and ate it and felt nice.
It was strong and fit again
its mind worked without a warning
so it told all of its sea friends
KRILLomega – every morning!

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