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Ode to the powder portion to prevent digestive distortion


If you had some peas today
and you feel some stomach pain
put some powder to hot water
the powder from Langsteiner!
It will help you for your bloat
and for heartburn and for diet
‘Cause our alkaline Powder
is the best and please be quiet.
Don’t grumble or complain
drink it as quick as you can
And you will see, I am sure
you will be like a new man!
you’ll feel light, fresh and fit,
you will be as strong as a bull,
‘Cause our alkaline powder
is truly energy full.
So wait no more my friend
go and buy this extra powder
it will help you in a moment
and your cheer will be much louder.

© Copyright by Langsteiner 2019. All rights reserved.
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