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3Immunity has got many faces and depends on many factors – individual features, influence of environment, lifestyle and diet. Stress, lack of sleep, nutritional deficiencies and systemic diseases can weaken it significantly. But what can strengthen it? Generally, three possible options: healthy lifestyle, vaccinations and dietary supplements. The best choice is to take advantage of all of them.

Immunity in good style

Our lifestyle can strengthen or weaken natural stamina. In this scope, decisions are only up to us. Instead of strong emotions and stress we can opt for a smile and good mood. Time spent on drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes can be devoted to physical exercises and doing sports. And this “obligatory set” should be complemented with regular visits at the GP and medical check-ups as well as avoiding behaviours, which pose risk to our health.

Immunity thanks to thymus

Thymus gland is probably the greatest natural stimulator of our immunity. However, thymus disappears with age, but also as a result of stress, overworking or other harmful external factors. Thymus peptides help our immune system fight against bacteria, fungi, parasites and autoimmune diseases. Supplement containing veal thymus extract perfectly complement deficiencies of substances boosting our immune system.

Immunity in the injection

Vaccinations stimulate immune system, making it work better and develop, and at the same time protect a body against pathogenic microorganisms. Dead bacteria or extracts from dead bacteria in the form of an injection inserted in a body “teach” our immune system how to create immunity against them. In case of the next contact, the body will not fall ill, but will nip the disease in the bud, creating antibodies against microorganisms already contacted in the form of the vaccination. And although the very moment of injection is not the most pleasant, discomfort is compensated for by strengthened immunity by vaccinations.

Immunity on the plate

Fast foods are not immunity system’s ally for sure. While fruit and vegetables as well as olive oil will be definitely beneficial to our health. Everyday diet must include iron (peas, bean, eggs, meat, liver, spinach, broccoli), which positively influence our appearance and mental state, preventing body weakening. On our plate there should be products rich in selenium (onion, giblets, pumpkin and sunflower seeds and wholemeal bread) protecting cell membranes against free radicals and anti-inflammatory, anti-fungi and anti-flu zinc (eggs, liver, pulses and seeds, buckwheat groats). Garlic containing allicine is also very precious, since it is natural anti-septic antibiotic

Immunity from vitamins

A vitamin which is most commonly equated with immunity is a vitamin C. It neutralizes free radicals before they manage to damage cell membranes and activates white blood cells to fight against a disease. It should be searched in parsley, rosehip, kiwi fruit, chokeberry, chives and citrus fruit. While vitamin A (butter, milk, fish, eggs, liver) is responsible for good conditions of mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, guaranteeing proper protection against microorganism penetration. It also helps fighting viruses and infections, influencing the number of immune system cells. The list of desired vitamins must include vitamin D (fish oil, fish, avocado, cowberries, eggs, but first of all the sun), whose intake improves immune reaction for pathogens.

Immunity in the pill

However, we are not always able to determine if the amount of nutrients and vitamins in our menu is appropriate. That is why it will not do any harm to supplement our diet with proper preparations – it can only help. Desired pills should definitely include garlic pearls, which help our body fight against colds and infections. They also positively influence the cardiovascular system and regulate a proper level of cholesterol in blood. An organism will be also strengthened by a vitamin C. In the Pepthym X preparation it is combined with veal thymus extract, which takes active part in the process of fighting against an infection. Additionally, it is worth taking a vitamin D, especially in colder and less sunny seasons of the year.

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