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Mind and heart

lifeeHeart and cardiovascular system diseases are at the top of death cause statistics. More and more frequently we suffer from depressions. That is why it is so important to care about good condition of our heart and mind, so that we can enjoy good health, mental state and cheerfulness as long as possible.
Omega-3 acids for good health
Scientists emphasize beneficial effect of omega-3 acids on mind and heart. Their positive influence on the cardiovascular system has been proved and described in numerous publications. Research on its meaning to correct functioning of the brain are still in progress, yet since 1970s research among the Eskimos has led to the conclusion that cardiovascular diseases occurrence in this population is scarce. It is thanks to a diet rich in fish containing big amounts of omega-3 acids. It is where we should search them. Sea fish, such as salmon, cod, mackerel or tuna is its perfect source. Just like fish oil, flax oil, hemoseed oil or rosehip. Consumption of these products is not only investment in good heart and mind condition, but also an element of preventing skin and metabolic diseases and the chance to make the life longer. It has been proven that omega-3 acids reduce the risk of premature death by as much as 85%.

Something for the heart

Among omega-3 acids, the most beneficial one is eicosapentaenoic (EPA) acid and docosahexaenoic (DHA) acid, which playa positive role in various processes taking place in a body, including the cardiovascular system. They reduce blood pressure, stabilise cholesterol level, preventing blood clots and reducing artery inflammations, which protects veins against atherosclerosis. Moreover, a higher level of omega-3 acids in blood plasma directly influences higher HDL (”good” cholesterol with high thickness) concentration.
Thus, apart from a proper menu, it is worth taking care of DHA and EPA supplementation with e.g. Krill preparation with krill oil rich in omega-3. Krill oil contains over dozen fatty acids more than fish oils. Thanks to its regular intake we can avoid artery blockage in the course of atherosclerosis and reduce the ratio of triglycerides (stored as spare material in the form of fatty tissue and leading to blood thickening if there are in excess) to HDL.

Something for the mind

Omega-3 acids, particularly DHL, must be included in a diet of pregnant women and little children, since the acid greatly influences proper development of organs in the prenatal stage and the first month of a child’s life. Children who are provided with appropriate amounts of DHA in this period faster communicate with the environment, their eyes develop better, and in the next years better acquire knowledge, have better memory and concentration as well as higher IQ.
On the other hand, EPA plays a crucial role in communication between brain cells and is a driving motor of a little brain working with the fastest speed. Unfortunately, EPA and DHA are impermanent and are practically removed in the process of industrial food processing. That is why they should be searched in dietary supplements, such as IQ oil. This preparation is characterised by high EPA concentration. It also contains DGA and GLA (vegetable acid from an evening primrose), so practically everything which is necessary for positive functioning of the mind, development of concentration learning abilities, which are so important for children.
On the other hand for adults, omega-3 acids can be used in depression and anxiety disorder treatment, since they are an important component of cell membranes in a brain and precursors of important hormones (serotonin and dopamine) , which are responsible for positive mood which everyone would like to enjoy.

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