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dr Gerhard Mikolaiczik PhD

Stress, pace of life, highly processed, high-calorie food which contains few nutrients do not contribute to optimal pH value in the intestine and blood. Health is like dancing – everything is a question of balance. Nutritional mistakes and modern lifestyle disturb our body balance, which results in too acidic blood and too alkaline environment of the intestine.

Alkaline Powder 300g. Dietary supplement.

Alkaline Powder was specially developed to keep an acid-base balance. It is produced from carefully selected ingredients. It contains specially chosen alkalizing substances, which restore and maintain an acid-base balance in a body.

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Alkaline Powder Tabs 30 pills

Alkaline Powder tabs is a product in a form of pills, which helps to restore and maintain an acid-base balance of a body and de-acidify and detoxify a body.

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Cabbage diet Magic Kaps 30 capsules +33% Gratis

Good news for those who are tired of fasting, sacrifice and ineffective diets! There a new cabbage diet in capsules called MAGIC KAPS, which contains natural sour vegetable concentrates and vitamins.

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