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prof. Roman Nowicki PhD MD – a lecture on ectoine application in allergy diseases treatment.

Prof. Roman Nowicki: allergology specialist, dermatologist and venereologist. He has been serving a function of the Head of Dermatology Section of the Polish Society of Allergology since 2004 and organizes annual meetings of the Academy of Dermatology and Allergology in Ustka. He is particularly interested in the issues of dermatology, allergology, mycology, atopic dermatitis, nettle rash, bacterial and fungal infections as well as a quality of life of patients with chronic skin diseases. Since 1983, he has been working in the Clinic of Dermatology, Venereology and Allergology of the Medical University of Gdańsk. “Ectoine reduces transepidermal water loss – it is a very important factor, improves skin…”

Langsteiner’s support of employment of the disabled – TVP Kraków

Our company employs more than ten disabled people. Alicja Langsteiner, the Chairwoman of Langsteiner Sp. z o.o. and Jan Zając, Chairman of the Polish Organization of Employees of the Disabled talk about realities of employing the disabled and the consequences of such employment in the face of the project of change of directives on subsidizing employment of the disabled.

Magic Caps and Anna Kalata’s metamorphosis

Probably everyone remembers unusual metamorphosis of Anna Kalata. The former Minister of Labour and Social Policy, after losing 38 kilograms, has totally changed her style. Now she wants to teach other women how to go through metamorphosis of body and mind. Magic Caps is a product containing extracts of vegetables, commonly called “a cabbage diet”. It can support such a metamorphosis.
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