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The owner of the website is the company Langsteiner sp. z o.o, ul. Białoprądnicka 16, 31-221 Krakow, NIP: 945-218-13-29, registered in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register by the XI Commercial Division of the District Court for Krakow Śródmieście under the number KRS 0000526713, hereinafter referred to as “Langsteiner” which is also the data controller Users personal service, within the meaning of the Act dated. August 29, 1997. On the protection of personal data. Websit has been designed in such a way that it can be visited without having to disclose personal information except to ask questions via the contact form. Providing the data in the form of contact is always voluntary and used in accordance with the will of the user. Each of the Members shall have the right at any time to remove your data. Contact form website user agrees to receive from the website owner free trade information electronically within the meaning of the Act dated. July 18, 2002 on providing services by electronic means (Dz. U. No 144, item. 1204). You have the right to access personal data concerning him and to request modification, updating, rectification, temporary or permanent suspension or deletion of personal data concerning him if they are incomplete, inaccurate, outdated or are no longer necessary for the purpose for which they were collected. The personal contact information on the contact form will not be shared in any way to any third party, except for service owner and cooperating with him entities. Any comments on the operation of the website please contact the administrator by e-mail:

Website uses “cookies”, among others for statistical purposes and to adapt our website to the individual needs of users. In many cases, the software used to browse the web (browser) is allowed by default to store cookies on the user’s terminal equipment. These settings can be modified in such a way as to block the automatic handling of cookies in your web browser configuration or inform about them every time you enter in the user device website. “Cookies” which can be used on website and web pages are only associated with a web browser specific computer (an anonymous user), without giving a name or user name. This is the information stored by the server’s Langsteiner on your computer, and that this information, the server can read whenever you connect to the user’s computer. These files provide statistical data on users’ traffic and usage of individual website In addition, the user can at any time choose how to handle “cookies” in the Internet zone by replacing the automatic handling of “cookies” on personalized service (user settings). However, detailed information in this respect grant programs to support providers of Internet zone (web browsers), usually under “Internet options” or something similar. In the case of shutdown by the user in your browser option to accept “cookies” (Lock, prompting) may cause inconvenience or even prevent the use of some services. The company also Langsteiner not accept any liability for the use or operation of “cookies” on other websites available to users through the links on the website Use of this website is tantamount to consent to the privacy policy.

What are “cookies”?

“Cookies” are computer data, in particular text files that are stored in the user’s terminal equipment intended to be used with web pages. These files allow the user to identify the device and properly display the web page tailored to their individual preferences. “Cookies” usually contains the name of the website from which the storage time of their termination device and a unique number.

What are “cookies” and for what purposes we use it?

“Cookies” we use in order to bring web content to user preferences and to optimize the use of websites. They are also used to create anonymous statistics to help understand how the user uses the websites which enables improvement of their structure and content, except for the personal identification of users.

What are “cookies”?

“Cookies” consists of a series of letters and numbers which are stored in different information necessary for the proper functioning of websites.

What are “cookies” we use?

Within the site, as a rule are two types of “cookies” – “Session” and “fixed”.

Session cookies – these are temporary files that remain on your device until you log off the website, leaving the website or disable software (web browser).

Permanent cookies – these are the files that remain on the user’s device for the time specified in the parameters of “cookies” or until they are manually deleted by the user. Within the website, the following types of cookies:

a) “essential” cookies, enabling the use of the services available within the website, for example. authentication cookies used for services that require authentication within the website,

b) The cookies used to ensure the safety of eg. used to detect fraud in the authentication within the website,

c) “Performance” cookies, enabling the collection of information about how to use the webpages of the website

d) “Functional” cookies, enabling “remember” selected by the user settings and personalize the user interface, eg. in terms of the language or region from which the user, the font size, appearance, website, etc.,

e) “advertising” cookies, enabling the delivery of advertising content users more tailored to their interests.

Or “cookies” are dangerous?

No, because the cookies are small pieces of text. There are computer programs and can not be used as codes. Also, they do not spread viruses, and each user has the ability to manage cookies on a terminal device. This is done by example. Browsers we use. The cookie files are not stored personal data, their content does not allow for identification of the user.

Managing Files “cookies”

Remember, you have the ability to self-manage files “cookies”. This is done by example. Internet browser you are using. If you are not interested in receiving cookies, you may change the settings of your web browser. However, we reserve the cookies are disabled may hinder the use of the site, in extreme cases, may prevent the use of websites. For detailed information about managing cookies settings, we recommend that you follow the instructions of web browser, from which you are using.

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