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ectoAlerg Nasal Spray 20 ml

A medical product for treatment and prevention of the symptoms of allergic rhinitis and for soothing and prevention of irritations and inflammations of nasal mucous membrane. It does not contain preservatives and a special system of application protects against possible bacterial entry.

Thanks to its special qualities, ectoine, a natural protective particle, protects cells, moisturizes and creates a defensive water complex. Thus, ectoAlerg nasal spray protects against harmful influence of allergens, mucous membrane dehydration and contributes to regeneration of sensitive nasal mucous membrane.

Indications and contraindications:
EctoAlerg nasal spray should not be used after nose surgeries and in case of oversensitivity to ectoine or any other product’s ingredients.

Unless recommended otherwise by a doctor, an ordinary dose for adults and children is 1-2 sprays into each nostril. Children under 10 should use ectoAlerg nasal spray in presence of an adult person.

20 ml bottle

2% Ectoine, Aqua, Alpine Salt

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