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Table sweetener based on natural steviol glycosides from stevia leaves.

Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) is a plant with exceptionally sweet leaves. For many years it has been used as a sweetener by millions of people. Do you take care of your health, slim body or want to reduce sugar intake? Stevia can be a perfect alternative for you.

Stevia in a nutshell:
• Stevia is a fully natural sweetener.
• It is 250-450 times sweeter than sugar (sucrose)
• Soluble in water and alcohols
• resistant to high temperatures (up to 200°C): it can be used for baking and cooking
• stable in acids and alkaline liquids (pH 3-9)
• can be stored for a long time
• Stevia does not cause dental decay
• Stevia is safe for diabetics: it does not increase a sugar level in blood
• Stevia is safe for people suffering from phenylketonuria (PKU)
• Stevia is not toxic: it has been tested on animals and used by people for a long time without undesired effects
• stevia sweeteners do not undergo fermentation processes
• Stevia can be grown at home

200 pills

Sweetening substances: Steviol Glicosydes E-960, filler: Sodium Bicarbonate E-500, acidity regulator : Sodium Citrte E-331, parting agent: l-leucine

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