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VITAMIN D3 vitamin D3 for babies 40 capsules

Vitamin D3 for babies in microdoses for dietary treatment of breast fed babies with higher demand for a vitamin D3. Drops in “twist-off” capsules.

A vitamin D helps in correct absorption and usage of calcium and phosphorus as well as maintaining healthy bones and correct muscle functioning. It also helps to keep healthy teeth and correct functioning of an immune system.
Breastfeeding is the best way of feeding babies within the first months after birth.
The amounts of a vitamin D3 contained in woman’s milk may appear insufficient. So it is recommended to give breastfed babies vitamin D in the first months of life, and particularly in the whole period of breastfeeding. Recommended daily dose of a vitamin D3 is
10 µg (400 j.m.), which is the equivalent of a one capsule of Vitamin D3 preparation.

Indications and contraindications:
Product applied under doctor’s supervision.
Product is not intended for parenteral administration.

1 capsule once a day.
Do not exceed a recommended daily dose. The end of a capsule should be twisted off and torn and then the content should be squeezed to baby’s mouth or added to mother’s milk. Be careful during application to prevent a child from swallowing a capsule.

40 “twist-off” capsules

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